So you support Canadian soccer do you?

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So you support Canadian soccer do you?

You are our type of friend. A person to commiserate with and dream about future days when the Maple Leaf flies high at a World Cup, both on the mens and womens side!

You are made of stone. Strong willed obviously as the thought of continually supporting the underdog has hardened your skin but your heart remains buoyant that one day it will happen and the boys will earn a spot at the top of the game too.

You see players moving on to play in the world’s top leagues and agents demanding the very best of our coveted Canadian players.

Yes, you are just a little bit crazy but before you die there will be a day to celebrate, even if it is from the rocking chair you haven’t purchased yet.

You love Canada.
You believe in our kids.
You want nothing but the best for our country.
A true died in the wool Canadian football fan.

God bless you.

Here it is then. A call to arms. A place to start the build with many more avenues opening up to continue growing the game across this vast land.

TSS FC Rovers needs your support in the quest to build a pathway for our young Canadian players. Whether from distance or even if you can’t make a live match, you can still support the growth of Canadian soccer.

How can you help and how might it help your soul:

  • Donate $81.50 to the Rovers Crowdfunding page [which pays for a full season ticket package for one]
  • You’ll immediately get a tax receipt to use against your taxes
  • Rovers will distribute your ticket(s) to people and organizations within B.C./Lower Mainland that would otherwise not be able to attend a match.
  • You will support Canadian soccer players, inspire the next generation of fans, and feel great!

Simply click this link to begin powering change in so many people’s lives, including yours!

Supporting Canadian soccer is a passion, please share with friends and family, online and in person, and if you know of any groups that would benefit from the tickets let us know!

Forza Rovers!


Last modified: March 7, 2018