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We Don’t Know What We Are Doing – TSS FC Rovers – A Season in Review

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That was quick. And long. And relentless. And chaotic. And beautiful. Year one is in the books as they say. Well actually the books are far from done and as…

“Choice words” spark TSS Rovers comeback win over Vancouver Whitecaps Residency

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“Choice words” spark TSS Rovers comeback win over Vancouver Whitecaps Residency Posted on June 6, 2017 by Michael McColl in TSS FC ROVERS with 0 Comments TSS FC Rovers took…

How Two Friends Launched Their Own Football Club

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Upstairs in a bar, overlooking downtown Vancouver, they gathered. Despite the balloons and the sound system at the front of the room, the crowd of roughly 150 people weren’t there…

From the Pigeon Loft: Back on hallowed ground

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Posted on May 17, 2017 by Chris Corrigan in SOCCER CULTURE, SUPPORTER CULTURE with 0 Comments I see the Rovers are a-rising! I see victory on the way! I see…

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