Canadians for Canadians

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Canada is a funny place if you’re a football fan. You grow up surrounded by hundreds of thousands of people who play the game, millions that care about events such as the Champions League and the World Cup, soccer facilities abound and yet, we are a culturally insignificant country as far as participation at the highest level of the sport go. Such and odd state of affairs. Read More

Relocated soccer franchise kicks off a labour of love

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At what point does a business operation become a labour of love?

Steveston’s Colin Elmes is pretty much living that moment right now, even after running TSS Academy, a local soccer training school for up-and-coming young players, over the better part of two decades.

That’s because he acquired a soccer team franchise that will play in the PDL (Premier Development League), what Elmes considers to be the third tier in the professional game on this continent, kicking off play in May.

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