Breaking the Glass Ceiling

Two minute read  – Your mate, Willie.

“We need to inspire the next generation of players.”

“We need to find them and give opportunity to every young child, no matter their financial capacity, who has ever come across a ball and the beautiful game.”


These are statements that are made countless times a day across North America as coaches and clubs desperately seek to find talent to nurture through soccer. Yet one of the barriers remains accessibility for many families throughout Canada.

How can we inspire kids to want to play soccer? How can we provide them heroes to look up to and dreams to pursue?

At TSS FC creating the Rovers teams for both male and female players was a starting point to begin to answer those questions. And like many things by building solutions you can sometimes come across new problems. In the case of Rovers, we’ve come across many new problems, most we haven’t overcome…but that’s another story 😉

Back to the new problem.

How can a young kid be inspired to pursue the dream if they can’t make it to matches?

You see the issue don’t you? A beautiful stadium. An amazing pitch. Hungry and exciting young Canadian talent on display yet still even a seven dollar ticket can be a barrier. We need these kids to make it Rovers matches.


Amazing food! What?!

Ladies and Gentlemen, supporters of the beautiful game, and members of our great community, the Rovers are pleased to introduce the Harvest Project food fare.

How does it work to get kids and families to games?

Since we have started this journey there have been people all over the country who have supported us by purchasing season tickets but under one serious condition. Make sure these tickets go to a family that will use them and be inspired to join the footballing community. DONATE TICKETS HERE. 

  1. We start with donated ticket packages that include a charitable tax receipt
  2. We partner with a community charity that can help introduce us to the kids and families.
  3. We build a food menu to rival any stadium and have it prepared by a team lead by a famous local restaurateur and chef.
  4. And then we turn the proceeds from those food sales into more and more tickets for families to come to the match.

Wonderful food, inspired by footballing regions of the world, and more families able to attend matches. An actual match made in heaven.

This season TSS FC Rovers has partnered with the Harvest Project to create a wonderful environment for our supporters and to help transport families from all over, including the Squamish Nation, to Rovers matches on the Harvest Fan Bus.

If you haven’t considered buying tickets, the games and food will be amazing this year and you should. GET TICKETS HERE. 

If you don’t live nearby but support a vision of providing young Canadians an opportunity and a future in soccer consider donating a season ticket or two for others to attend. DONATE TICKETS HERE. 

Together we can break down the glass ceilings and create change.


May 14th vs. Lane United – Latin
May 18th vs. Portland Timbers – African
June 1st vs. Calgary Foothills – French/German
June 3rd vs. Victoria Highlanders – U.K
June 10th vs. Seattle Sounders – East Indian
June 15th vs. Calgary Foothills – Asian
June 17th vs. TBD – Italian/Portugese
July 11th vs. Seattle Sounders – Caribbean


Last modified: April 13, 2018