One Club: of the people, for the people.

We exist to celebrate the unique spirit of Vancouver: of passionate sports fans and active citizens.

We believe a community is stitched together one person and one experience at a time. By creating shared experience around soccer, we hope to contribute to a greater sense of community in Vancouver.

Soccer is the most popular amateur sport in our country. We think it’s time soccer is the most popular professional sport too, and believe we can help achieve that through our All-Canadian roster and coaching staff, our commitment to our fans & community, and our player development programs. Our player development is designed to help dedicated and talented players reach the highest levels of the game, anywhere in the world. We won’t rest until our club is recognized for  developing the best talent in Western Canada.

Playing in the Premier Development League (PDL), our vision is to develop the next generation of Canadian players who show the best that sport has to offer.


  • To develop “world cup” calibre people and players.
  • To consistently develop world cup quality Canadian players.


  • Grace/Humility – How we do things matters.
  • Trust/Integrity – Do what we say we will do.
  • Brave – Stand up and be counted. 
  • Resilience – Fall down. Get back up.

We Believe:

  • Canadian soccer can be world class.
  • Sport can change the world.
  • Everyone wants to belong.
  • All voices matter.
  • People matter.
  • Everyone can power change.

 What is the Premier Development League?

PDL is the proven developmental leader in North American soccer’s evolving tiered structure – and an important stepping-stone for top professionals playing right now around the world. 70% of all MLS draftees have PDL experience.  

PDL features:
72 teams within four conferences across the USA and Canada
17 teams affiliated with USL or Major League Soccer clubs.

“…for top professionals playing right now around the world. Nearly 70 percent of all MLS selections since 2010 have PDL experience.” –


Our family-friendly atmosphere celebrates the best aspects of the game: team work, grit, and ongoing development. We showcase local talent, from players to coaches, and will work tirelessly to become a true fixture in our community.

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